Monica Massei'S Wine Shop in Capoliveri


Monica Massei’s Wine Shop has been situated at number 5, Via Roma in Capoliveri for over 42 years: it was opened in July, 1969 by Eletto Massei, Monica’s father, as a simple greengrocer’s shop. In 1981, Monica took over the management and transformed the little business into a wine shop, dealing in rare wines and refined foods.

The value of continuity and the philosophy of the management:


Our philosophy has always been that of offering produce of very high quality that we have chosen through a careful study of the producers: observations that have been made possible due to the continuity of our management that has permitted us to refine our experience and enabled us to tell our customers some details about the products; stories that will direct the customer towards the choice and the acquisition of the product itself. The kind, friendly, professional atmosphere, the information that we give about our products and their quality, has made us well known all over the island.

Our products


You can come to our shop to choose a wine for a special occasion, a locally produced olive oil to enhance your favourite dish, typical cakes to surprise a friend.

We specialize in wines, but also have a large choice of excellent liqueurs, balsamic vinegars, Italian fruit ‘mostarda’ pickles, home-made pasta and home-made jams.

Our wine shop is a true delicatessen boutique, a place where conversation is culture; culture that binds its own essence to tradition, that is, to the art of making things. We certainly know well that our artistic qualities began at the beginning of time with the invention and elaboration of culinary and conservation techniques. Conservation and manipulation of food was the start of progress.