The variety of our wine shop is very discerning: Italian and foreign wines. Elban wines are also represented: Elba white, Elba red, Ansonica, Vermentino, Aleatico and Moscato. Spumante and Champagne.
Among the Distilled Liqueurs, there are national and international ones. See paragraph Producers.

Jams (Il Capepe)

Our jams and marmalades are made from fruit of the season picked locally on Elban soil. We use plants that grow almost wild inside the confines of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, found and rediscovered whilst walking along the local pathways and the fruit subsequently transformed into jams just after they had been picked, without even being put in the fridge. In this way, we produce jam from secular fig trees, wild pears...


BALLINI is an Elban company that produces a first class honey and is also world famous for its queen bees. From here, we have the extremely rare honey from the strawberry tree, from helichrysum and so forth. The wild flowers from the Mediterranean bushes permeate through the honey with all their intensity.


The most typical of Elban cakes are ‘schiaccia briaca’ and ‘schiacciunte’ Schiaccia briaca is a typical Elban tipsy cake with local variations but always with base of alchermes or moscato, pine-nuts, nuts and raisins. It keeps well for a long time and for this reason it was a complete food for those who went out to sea. It is typically eaten in the winter months and is in great demand; until the thirties, honey was used to sweeten it and this, of course, was an extra guarantee for its conservation.


We have the exclusive sale of PILADE’S OIL, produced from Olive groves at Mola, just below Capoliveri.

Facts about the oil:

CULTIVATED VARIETY: Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, Pendolino.
TASTE: an intense, fruity flavour, pleasantly bitter, quite hot and spicy when newly pressed, more harmonious with maturity.
AROMA: Herby with a hint of artichoke.
COLOUR: yellow with hints of green.
TO EAT WITH: it goes very well raw on cooked and fresh vegetables, bruschette, soups, meat or fish on the grill, on boiled fish or for cooking with roast meats.

Facts about the Farm:

It is situated in the centre of the island in Capoliveri, the area of Mola. The olives are picked by hand when they have reached the right moment of maturity. The pressing is done within 24 hours of being picked and the olives are cold-pressed

Bonito in Olive Oil

We have the exclusive sale in Capoliveri of the Tuscan Sea Palamita (Bonito) in Olive Oil with the quality seal of the Slow Food, made by the Chef Massimo Poli, Chef of the “Taverna dei Poeti” in Capoliveri.

The Tuscan Sea Palamita or Atlantic Bonito is a fish belonging to the families of the tuna and the mackerel. The area where it is fished extends throughout the whole marine area of the Tuscan Archipelago and, more intensely at Cape Enfola, the northernmost promontory after Portoferraio. Our Palamite are fished there.

The recipe::

The preparation of the fillets of Palamita complies faithfully with an ancient recipe from the island of Ponza. The processing is completely home-made. This is the very first Slow Food Presidium assigned to an Elban product. It goes very well together with a fresh mixed salad, Pachino cherry tomatoes and flavoured with a delicate extra virgin olive oil.